at The John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne

EVENT// WHERE WE AT? at The John Curtin Hotel                                                                                  

EVENT// WHERE WE AT? at The John Curtin Hotel                                                                                  

WHERE WE AT? // The John Curtin Hotel
21st February 2017

Starting of The Pin in the front room of a house in Hobart, we didn't think that after one year we would have made much of an impact - BOY WERE WE WRONG.

WHERE WE AT? was a completely sold out event and proof that these conversations need to happen.

On a hot evening in February a panel of artists, writers, poets, rappers and DJs discussed in front of a live audience where we are at, terms of race, identity and culture in Australia. Moderated by the formidable Namila Benson the evening consisted of discussions around creating safe spaces, tackling online bullies, navigating tokenism in the work place / arts scene / society,  how to go about promoting Australian artists, mainstream media and self-care.

Namila Benson - producer, speaker, radio host *Moderator
Briggs of A.B.Original - rapper and comedian
Giselle Nguyen - writer
Soreti Kadir - poet
Atong Atem - artist
MzRizk - DJ
Sovereign Trax - DJ

Soreti Kadir - poet

Special thanks to
Patrice Capogrego - for being an amazing friend, mentor and so much more
Uncle Jack Charles - for welcoming us into this space and sharing your love, laughter and humility
Holly Deacon - for you amazing flowers and friendship
Brett Scappin - for taking all the beautiful photographs (seen below) of the night and helping us on our journey
Rusty & the staff at the John Curtin - for always being a bunch of legends and helping us run the night.

Photo crediti: Brett Scapin