in partnership with the Melbourne Recital Centre

EVENT// WHERE WE AT? at the Melbourne Recital Centre                                                                                     IMAGE: Brett Scapin Photography

EVENT// WHERE WE AT? at the Melbourne Recital Centre                                                                                     IMAGE: Brett Scapin Photography

WHERE WE AT? // Melbourne Recital Centre Salon
11th October 2017

Some of the biggest achievements for The Pin in 2017, have included taking the digital into the real world with our Where We At? events.

Bringing together bright and engaging minds to talk about race, identity and culture within the Australian context, to a live audience. With our first event kicking off at the start of the year in Melbourne's John Curtin Hotel to a sold out crowd, we were really excited that the Melbourne Recital Centre approached us about this event to book end what has been yet another exciting year of growth here at The Pin.

The Melbourne Recital Centre would never have been our first guess for an event like this but, spurred on by the amazing Kerstin Schulenburg we were able to bring together an astounding group of people and performers.

Award-winning journalist and documentary maker Santilla Chingaipe impeccably navigated the night, driving the The Pin's pillars of race, identity, and culture through discussions of disability, womanhood, manhood, parenting, growing pains, tokenism and the unknown.

It’s not easy to talk about the subjects we cover on our site let alone talk about them on stage, surrounded by strangers. So it was an honour for us that we were able to fill our second panel these fantastic people:

Remi Kolawole - Rapper
Carly Findlay - Writer, Speaker and Appearance activist
Aamer Rahman - Comedian
Abe Nouk - Poet
Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa - Spoken Word Artist
Sasha Sarago - Founder and Editor of Ascension Magazine

Now on our second event we're trying to establish a tradition that Pin event isn’t complete with out some damn good music! This was brought to us by the groovin' band that is Cool Out Sun to end the night, and we cannot forget to thank Sista Zai Zanda who gave some reprieve with her poetry.

Thank you every one that made the night possible, from the people Melbourne Recital Centre, to our guests, to the audience and in particular Brett Scapin for his amazing friendship and exceptional photography and Kerstin Schulenburg for planting the seed that ignited the fire.

STAND OUT MOMENTS // WHERE WE AT? - Melbourne Recital Centre Salon

The bonds of the family are evidently strong as it felt like none of us were there as rapper Remi and his mother (sitting in the front row) shared an understanding of the struggle for a white parent to bring up a black child.

Carly Findlay talked about being labelled as disabled before making her own decisions about her identity and the assumptions that people make about her because of her appearance. Silencing the room, Finlay shared personal accounts of the inappropriate and insulting interactions she had with total strangers in professional fields of work.

Aamer Rahman and Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa brought a lot of laughs and humility to the unknown. Still navigating how they see themselves within the context of their communities, their bodies and the broader Australian social climate.

Sasha Sarago talked beauty standards and finding herself and self-love through connecting to her culture. Whilst Abe Nouk talked about the "soft" racism here in Australian versus the racism that he had experienced in Sudan. Racism that leads to death.

One of the stand out moments for the night, that floored us all in the room come from our audience! The youngest, brightest and most amazing speaker of the night demonstrating the answer to his own question “How do I show that I am a proud African?”

Photo credit: Brett Scapin Photography