NADIAH IDRIS: Jungle Two Step Mix

'Now that I am older dance has grown to be so much deeper than just a passion. It is has become my meditation and my constant healing. It’s my way to relay messages of happiness, sadness, frustration, all the emotions you can think of, especially when I can’t put it into words. What I tell people a lot of the time is that you can get to know me on a verbal level but if you truly want to know what I’m all about, feel my vibe at that moment or catch a glimpse of my story, just watch me freestyle and that’s Nadiah. That’s my pure soul right there.'

HANCOQ: Interlude

Hancoq is a Melbourne based emcee and frontman of hip-hop/soul/full-of beats band ESESE. 

Hancoq participated in our first series of The Pin Talks, as part of an Ausmusic Month feature. Listen in here

ADAM AITKEN: One Hundred Letters Home

In Adam Aitkens memoir One Hundred Letters Home, we learn about the meeting of his Anglo-Australian father and Thai mother and the reasons for their marriage. 

Through letters sent home to Australia by his father, poetry, photography and intertextual references, Aitken explores his own identity through the dissection of his parents relationship and the barriers they overcame.

Adam Aitken is an Australian poet, with a Masters in Linguistics and a Doctorate in Creative Writing, and has written extensively on Asian Australian literature.