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New Episode with Comedian Joe White, Period Pride & Hot Topics

Whether you call it 'Aunt Flo' or 'shark week', women across the world have been taught to talk about menstruation in hushed tones and euphemisms. For centuries, this normal occurrence in the female reproductive cycle has caused many women to feel ashamed and embarrassed of themselves. But a new wave of period pride is pushing back on the cultural taboo. SOS in Oz chip into the conversation with their menarche stories and opinions on Zambia's paid menstrual leave law. 

Plus, it's a hilarious Minority Spotlight with comedians, Joe White and Jason Wood.

“I was having doubts in my mind… am I not as good as I thought, is this really for me… but I guess you have to go through moments like that to find that one person that supports, or that has your sense of humour. And at the end of the day I do it because it makes me laugh. When it makes me laugh, I believe it will make my audience laugh.” - Joe White