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Black Girl Magic, Immigration, Journalism & Film

The Australian 2016 census results revealed that migration to Australia is on the rise. However, an anti-immigrant sentiment has been brewing in some pockets of society and, as a result, certain policies have been proposed that would effectively curb migration to Australia.

SOS in Oz chat with Santilla Chingaipe, journalist and filmmaker, about what this means for immigrants in Australia. As a journalist who worked for SBS World News, Santilla has reported extensively on matters concerning migrant communities in Australia.

SOS in Oz also get the scoop from Santilla on how to crack the Australian journalism and film industries. Plus a review of "Black Girl Magic" 2017, a night of empowering performances by Black women in Melbourne.


“We are all human being, first and foremost. And some of us have been socialized differently to others, but that doesn’t make it any less or any better it’s just our lived experiences are different based on where we were born… but that doesn’t make those groups of people any less able to enjoy the same benefits that we get to enjoy in a democratic society.” – Santilla Chingaipe