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SOS in Oz //

Featuring the Creators of the Say It Loud Show, and Comedian Gavin Lind on Being White & African

SOS in Oz chat with South African-Australian comedian, Gavin Lind, about his experience growing up as a White boy in apartheid South Africa, as well as issues of identity, belonging and White privilege.

Plus, there's a new online talk show on the scene called Say It Loud which is making waves by putting the Black Australian experience in the forefront. SOS in Oz speak to the show creator, Vanessa Ocansey, and creative director, Rosaline Kanneh, about bringing the show to life and Australian media.

“The media is very limiting in how they represent [Black Australians] in the media. They’ve always got that one token Black person and that’s meant to be enough to represent all of us. And that affects building your identity in a huge way.” - Vanessa Ocansey