Big Hair, Did Care.

What's your relationship with your hair? Are you judgemental of your own curls? 

Untangling the turmoils of the beauty standards set by society and the pressures we put on ourselves, Tali's adventure through the trials and tribulations of hair care have lead her on a journey of acceptance.

The Marginal Man

M.M. is a young Lebanese-Australian man caught between culture and individual identity. M.M. shared his story with The Pin of coming to terms with the difficulty of expressing his sexuality within the confines of cultural expectations, for this we are truly grateful.

Anchoring: How media and politics persuade

In 2014 Alphonse Mulumba ran as a Labor candidate for the Parliament of Tasmania. While unsuccessful, Mulumba's popularity exceeded the expectations of many and cemented his presence on the Tasmanian political scene. 

In this piece Mulumba reflects upon his experience as a political candidate and the power of language in media and politics.

From Father to Daughter

In this piece George Kanjere explores the complexities of being the biracial father to his young daughter, and his understanding of the barriers she will face as women who may or may not be considered, and who may or may not consider herself, a women of colour.

What Makes An Aussie?

Peter Drew is an artist changing our perception of the Australian identity one poster at a time. 

In 2015 Drew travelled around Australia pasting posters in the streets of ours cities and towns with the slogan 'Real Australians Say Welcome'. This campaign was in response to Australia's treatment of asylum seekers.

Drew's current campaign 'What is a real AUSSIE?' explores the Australian identity and our idea of what it is through a series of photographs, sourced from the National Archives of Australia, to change our perception of the Aussie identity and celebrate those less celebrated.

All Three and None

Melbourne poet and self-described love rat. Born and raised in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, and of mixed heritage, Giuliani explores the complexities of love, family, life and identity through poetry.