The Pin Plays // Aus Music Month 2018

The Pin Plays // Aus Music Month 2018

At The Pin, we understand the importance of art not only for the audiences but for the artists who make it as an expression of self. As a part of the celebration our homegrown artists for Aus Music Month we'd like to offer you some of our picks.

Here are a few of the artists that stopped us in our tracks in 2018, and you can bet they celebrate identity, race and culture in style.

Also, check out our Spotify playlist for this month with a more extensive list of artists to check out too.

You can find our future playlists on Spotify by looking for The Pin Online

MOJO JUJU - Native Tongue
{FEAT. The Pasefika Vitoria Choir}

The first time, we saw a snippet of this clip it was during a screening of Australian Music Documentary Her Sound, Her Story and it gave us shivers. Mojo Juju has never been so strong in her artistry, as you can see in her latest clip for Native Tongue.

Native Tongue also touches on a lot of themes felt by the people that makeup of the narrative of The Pin, including herself. So we are loving this direction Juju is taking with her latest sound.

SAMPA THE GREAT - Black Girl Magik
{FEAT. Nicole Gumbe}

Sampa is "the Great" for a reason. Her formidable musicality and lyricism continue to be a force of nature the celebrates the power of blackness and girlhood. The break in the song, where Sampa engages with the audience directly makes this clip one of those extraordinary works of art that have the ability take you out of yourself and, sometimes, bring you to tears with its brilliance.

REMI - My People
{FEAT. thando}

REMI continues to grow and mature with each release he brings out. Styled by Ntombi Moyo (who is a QUEEN!) this music clip celebrates, in all their manifestations; colour, family and community. My People has so many moments that are relatable and make us laugh out loud, from the uncle at the family gathering to the subtle "black" wave on the night out.

THANDO - Happy

thando (aka Thando Sikwila} is the kind of artist that is a modern marvel and a complete work of art. Her voice and attitude take you to a high place and change you for the better. What we love about this music clip is how simple and stripped back it is. There is nothing that needs to be added to this artist to make her shine any brighter.

COOL OUT SUN - Fire For (Fire Four)

Four magnate musicians are combining their talents like superpowers in Cool Out Sun. From the fire-spitting of N'Fa Jones (1200 Techniques), that iconic drum tone of Sensible J (REMI), Lamine Sonko's expansive voice and Nui Moon's percussive flourishes throughout, you know you're in for a treat. This track is a total celebration of male Africanness as you can see in their clip full of afro hair stylings and African garb with food references and those dance moves! Yes, men who can dance well - you're welcome.


Kaiit is on the way up, so jump on board and enjoy this! The homegirl gets down, celebrating her world and the beautiful, creative community that seems to be at a stronghold of artistic expression and self-pride.

DRMGNOW - Australia Does Not Exits
{FEAT. Culture Evolves, Philly, Pataphysics &Adriene Eagle}

We've seen so much change in Australia's social climate when it comes to our history and indigeneity. This song is not only catchy, but it's also a brave step forward. We love the way the artists continue to push the narrative through their work and also enlighten the rest of us too. Keep an eye out for all the indigenous artists who make cameo's in this clip and who are forming the wave of powerful new voices hitting the current music scene.

ECCA VANDAL - Your Orbit
{FEAT. Sampa the Great}

Could these two ladies be any more badass?

Ecca Vandal continues to push peoples expectations through her style and sound; she's absolutely killer. The old school feel of this track is rad, and there is a lot to be said about their amazing outfits throughout this clip.


We LOVE music at The Pin!

In 2019 we hope to extend this with more playlists filled with new and important songs for you to check out.

You can find us on Spotify at The Pin Online.


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