Peter Drew

Peter Drew is an artist changing our perception of the Australian identity one poster at a time. 

In 2015 Drew travelled around Australia pasting posters in the streets of ours cities and towns with the slogan 'Real Australians Say Welcome'. This campaign was in response to Australia's treatment of asylum seekers.

Drew's current campaign 'What is a real AUSSIE?' explores the Australian identity and our idea of what it is through a series of photographs, sourced from the National Archives of Australia, to change our perception of the Aussie identity and celebrate those less celebrated.

You can follow Drew's journey, and Aussie folk hero Monga Khan, through his website and Instagram.


- Peter Drew

I spent the first 30 years of my life completely disengaged from politics and notions of collective identity like race, gender or nationhood. I thought about it all the time, I just didn’t want anything to do with it. Then I lived overseas and I realised that collective identities gets forced upon you whether you like it or not, so I decided to own it, and use my art to reform Australian Identity as best I could. But I’m glad I was disengaged for a long time because now I understand why people stay that way. That’s important because those are the people we need to wake up.

Photo credits: Peter Drew Arts